14 June, 2010

Filipino Festival

On 6th June (Sunday), I visited the Panathenaiko Studium, now open to the public for 3 euros (including audio guide). I did not expect much, but it turned out to be quite satisfactory. It has much more to offer even to those who without much interest in sports like me.

After the visit, I noticed there was unusual number of people on Zappio side.

First I thought it was a school festival, but then I realised that the people who were gathering were all Filipinos. I did not get the meaning of the festival, but no doubt it was a Philippine festival (later I learned that it had something to do with their Independence Day).

While some events were going on, my attention went to food. There were many stalls selling interesting Filipino food which was/is almost unknown to me. I went for the easiest option: BBQ.

It was not a souvlaki, OK? It was Filipino Pork BBQ. The meat seemed to be marinated in sweetish sauce and was pretty tasty. Interestingly, it included something like pig skin.

Then I picked up another BBQ from a different stall.

This one included a big bit of pork fat. I presume that the Filipinos enjoy eating different parts of pig beside meat.

Being a good Asian, I ate them all up, including skin and fat. I felt proud of myself. :D

Then dessert; Halo halo.

It is made of shaved ice with nata de coco, beans, sweet corn, young coconuts, yam potato, condensed milk. This is my favourite. It was the first time I ate Filipino version, but the same thing is ubiquitous in South East Asia and I have eaten the same sort of thing elsewhere.

I just hoped I to be able to come across this sort of festival from time to time. :)

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