01 March, 2010

Taxi Strikes Again

Greek taxis planning again strike, this time 48 hours from 2 to 3 March.

The taxi drivers are against the proposed reform by which it gets difficult to declare lower income and evade tax.

It might sounds incredible, but there are so many tax-evading self-employees (doctors, lawers, etc etc) and employees, taxi drivers are upset to be picked up as a target.

It is however doubtful how effective is the strike, as it seems many Athenians are happy to find roads free of taxis and to be able to avoid traffic jam. The Athenian public transport system is pretty good and, althought it takes more time than taxi, you can arrive almost anywhere you want.


By the way, I went to Delphi this Saturday.

Delphi Apollon Temple

Until recently the site was partially closed and the visitors could not enter after the Temple of Apollo, but this time I found that it was again open up to the Theatre. The road to the Stadium, however, is still closed.

If you are planning the visit to Delphi, take it into consideration.

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