03 March, 2010

Syntagma Square Occupied by Taxis

Yesterday, at around 1 o'clock in the afternoon, coming from Syntagma station to get 040 bus, I saw this sight.

Taxi drivers on strike (48 hours, 2 and 3 March) were occupying the Syntagma Square. It is not obvious from the photos, but all the taxis were parked and not moving at all.

Evidently drivers understood that their strike does not bother ordinary people so much and decided to give more annoyance.

Syntagma and taxis

When I passed here, only several men were arguing (with a little bit of bush and thrust), but, later I saw on tv that the demonstration got more violent.

Obviously the buses could not arrive at or leave Syntagma. I had to go back to Metro station to go home. I had just bought 6 litres of olive oil from the Exposition of Laconian Products at Syntagma Station(until this Friday) and it was very inconvenient.

Taxi drivers have right to strike as everyone else, but closing Syntagma Square is ILLIGAL, as the square is public possession.


Further strikes of public (and maybe private) workers are planned on 8th and 16th March. Watch out.


And in the streets of Athens and Piraeus, the neratzi (bitter orange) trees have started to bloom.

It smells heavenly!

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