12 March, 2010

Exotic Piraeus

Yesterday was a big strike day. Not being able to get out of Piraeus, I went for a shopping nearby.

Roads were still full of garbage.

Today they started to collect garbage, but it wasn't possible to dispose of all the garbage of the past 7 days and streets are still full of garbage and smelly as well. I wish not to see worms on the street...

First I stopped at Multi Trading, Indian grocery store.

Multi Trading

The owner is an Indian from Punjabi and he sells various Indian and non-Indian products. Comparing to Indian/Pakistani shops in Birmingham, the range of products he has is very narrow, but, still, essentials are here and the price is fairly good.

Speaking about Indian, there are at least two Indian restaurants nearby. This is one of them. It is pretty old, 5 or 6 years at least.

We have never had courage to venture into. The other one is even more scarey (although it might not be scary at all).

I would rather try two Thai restaurants in the same neighborhood.

There are also Egyptian/Arabian shops around.

Then, I went to International Mini Market (Σαχτούρη 15, Πειραίας) and bought some Chinese and Thai stuff.

Again, it is not very specialised, but has food from all over the world (mainly from Thailand, Philippines, China, Japan, South America, Eastern Europe and Russia). The price again is reasonable.

Now that I have ingredients, am looking forward to Indian curry and Chinese stir-fry!

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