30 March, 2010

Cycladic Art Museum

Went to the Cycladic Art Museum of Goulandris Foundation in Kolonaki.

This Neo-Classic building should look familiar to those who passed Vas. Sofias Avenue, although this is not the main building.

As you can imagine, the occasion was to see the temporary exhibition about "Eros".

It has been highly acclaimed and is going to end on 11 April: I really had to go before it is too late.

The exhibition has nothing to do with Cycladic civilization. It collects artistic and non-artistic objects regarding Eros (carnal sort of love) from Archaic period to late Antiquity.

It is a beautiful exhibition. The best thing was that, as the theme is clear, the viewers do not get distracted and get bored.

I was, however, even more impressed by the permanent collection.

I must have visited here once before, probably about 10 years ago, but I did not remember almost anything. It houses cycladic sculptures (as above) and some objects from Cypriot Antiquity, besides things from more recent and familiar antiquity (what we usually call Greek-Roman).

Most of the Cycladic statues represent woman. It is not known why they made these statues and what was the use. Are they cult statues? Or are they just ex-voto of child birth? Did they have matriarchal society?

It is very mysterious and will remain as such, as there is no literature from this period.

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