14 March, 2010

Orizontes Cafe on Lykavittos

Today we went to the cafeteria section of Orizontes on Lykavittos Hill and I note some things before I forget, even though I don't have photos.

Orizontes is the only one cafe-restaurant on the top of Lykavittos Hill and for this reason it commands quite high price, as you can imagine.

I have been to Lykavittos several times, but this is the first time we went in Orizontes. It is spacious, but the tables and seats were fitted close together to put as many people as they can to a limited space. We were a group of 6 and there were hardly any place we could all fit in (the only solution was to occupy a table of 5 and seat 3 girls into a couch for 2). If you are in a large group, it is not a great place to go in winter (in summer, I guess we have more space outside).

The cheapest coffee costs 5.5euros. We had cappuccino and hot chocolate, both for 6 euros. Alcohol drinks and cakes cost more than 10 euros, while pasta dishes about 12-15.

The restaurant is in a different space, below the cafeteria, although the toilets are common for both.

The worst thing about this place for us wasn't the price, but the smoke. Although it is a closed space, many people smoke and the ventilation isn't good. In the later afternoon the smoke was so dense that the visibility got poor. At this point, we could not stand anymore and left.

We might go back for coffee, but we'd rather avoid busy hours.

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