06 March, 2010

Pork Roast in Mystras

I could write about economic and political situation in Greece, but I don't. Today I write about the pork roast we ate in Mystras this January.

We did the sightseeing part first, and later went to eat. There is no shops around the Mystras site and you have to either stop at the modern Mystras town or at a few restaurants in between. The Mystras site and Mystras town are not far away, but it is not the distance I want to walk.

We chose to eat at the town, thinking there might be something to see there. We did not expect to see cultural heritage, but at least souvenir shop or cafeteria. But, no. Nothing. Maybe it was in January? I don't know.

But there was a restaurant called Ο Ελληνας.

It has also rooms to let.

The restaurant was pretty large. Capacity probably is 100 or so. The decor was Greek rustic style and lovely.

When I saw the menu, however, I felt disappointment. All the items are Greek standard and nothing stood out. Moussaka, souvlaki, pastitzio etc etc. And the price looked too much for a country taverna of this class.

Anyway, we ordered a few dishes. Here are melitzanosalata and cucumber-tomato salad.

Melitzanosalata did not have grilled aubergine flavour, but full of mayonnaise. I suspect they bought it in.

The main dish was pork roast and oven baked potatoes.

Our waiter did not advise us that the pork should come with oven potato and that is why we ended up with so much oven potato. If he told us, we could have ordered fried potato instead.

The pork was good, but potato was far too salty. We needed bread to eat potato. Absurd.

At the end of the meal, we were offered galaktoboureko on house, as it was St. John's day and the owner has a family member called John.

This was the best thing we ate at this restaurant.

I don't think you want to go there, but this is the address, just in case. :p

Γ. Μπουρλόκας
Πλατεία Μυστρά , Μυστράς
Tel. 27310 82666

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