14 June, 2009

Things that Make Our Life Easier

We made some purchases of the materials to make our life easier.

First, anti-mosquito devices. Some days ago, there was a sudden surge in the number of mosquitos and everyone was dashing to buy one of these.

We invested 10 euros in these. But, then, the number of mosquitos diminuished again and we had a chance to use it only once.

The mosquitos in Greece are like those in Italy; they sting, but do not do much harm [P.S. EVIDENTLY THERE ARE PEOPLE WHO SUFFER MORE THAN WHAT I KNEW; SEE THE COMMENTS BELOW]. They just leave red spots on skin, but the spots do not hurt or get itchy. The commonest mosquitos in Japan that I call zebra-type as they have black-and-white stripes (in Europe, some people call them tiger mosquitos) are much worse: when we stung by them, the spots become very itchy some times for days. So I am pretty easy with Greek mosquitos; the most annoying thing about them is that when they wake us up when they fly near our ears.

Another thing we bought is a standing fan.

We invested 25 euros.

It was a Matsui product. As a brand I have been hearing of for many years in Europe. Once it was a sort of no-name brand, but after so many years it has some credibility at least to me. Matsui is a Japanese surname, but I am sceptical if it is actually Japanese. It isn't an issue anyway, as virtually all the fans are produced in China (although we saw some People's Republic of China produces this time).

Later we found out that Carrefour sells standing fans for less than 17 euros. It is a pity that we did not see it when we visited the store last week. We might pick one up from there, as will will need another one for the bed room.

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