08 June, 2009

Agapitos @ Syntagma, Athens

[P.S. of 10 May 2014: This place does not exist any more. It closed down quite a long ago now].

Having been enticed by an article I read in a free town paper, I visited Agapitos, confectioner near Syntagma Square. I don't know when the Athenian branch opened, but the main shop in Thessaloniki was founded in 1944.

The first thing I wanted to try was Kazan Dipi, sweet of Turkish origin made from milk, sugar and chicken breast, according to the original recipe.

Unfortunately Agapitos' recipe isn't true to the original and does not contain chicken breast; it is more like gooey solid cream. The worst part was the caramelised brown surface. I don't know if they do it on purpose or not, but it has very strong smokiness which both Hubby and I thought off-putting. We eventually removed it and ate the rest.

As Agapitos is Salonican, I thought it is a good idea to try also Trigona Panoramatos which are basically baklavas with custard cream.

These are not bad, but balkava part was too much like a sfoglia pie, soggy and laked in crunchiness of good baklava. Trigono of Terkenlis was much better.

Both of these cost 2.50 euros a piece.

The best of the batch was these small almond pastries.

I asked the name but could not really get it. The outer case was made of marzipan and something else and the cream has a melange like consistency. These were sold by weight and two came to 1.20 euro.

On the whole I was rather disappointed, maybe due to high expectation. I need to explore more elsewhere.

Agapitos / Αγαπητός
Voulis 7
Sintagma, Athens.
Βουλής 7
Σύνταγμα, Αθήνα

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