18 June, 2009

Kyria Rita's Cat @ Plaka

Walking down Adrianou Street in Plaka, I saw this cat sleeping. Again.

I saw the same cat sleeping at the same stop last summer. See these photos.

It was no wonder, in fact. It is because the cat belong to the lady who has the shop on Adrianou Street.

If you are familiar with this area, you should be able to recognise the small tapestry hanging on the wall. It is Kyria Rita's shop "Roka". She makes these tapestries in a workshop just below her shop in Adrianou; you cannot find anything more local than her tapestries!

I remember to have bought a small thing from her more than 10 years ago. I don't have it any more, as it was a gift; I might buy one for myself to decorate our rather sober flat.

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