27 June, 2009

Breakfast Biscuits/Cookies

Recently Hubby eats biscuits for breakfast. We tried various stuff from our neighbourhood.

These are Kouloulakia Smyrneika from Vienneza. 8 euros a kilo (about 450 grammes in this photo).

Not sugarly and very light.

I returned to buy the same thing, but they did not have any. I bought voutimata (biscuits) instead. 9 euros a kilo.

These were excellent. Baton shaped ones are cinnamon flavour and round ones are filled with chocolate. Both had subtle flavours and got our thumbs up.

Then, from Exarchos Bakery.

Sticks are kritsinia. Exarchos makes the best seed kritsinia. Round one is mizithra pie, which unfortunately contained masticha that we both dislike in sweets. The others are orange biscuits, very good.

These Greek breakfast biscuits are not as sugarly or butterly as, say, English type biscuits. Although we don't usually associate biscuits with Greek cooking, they are worth the note, being quite distinct.

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