16 June, 2009

Cafeteria Miramare @ Peiraiki

This Saturday, Hubby and I went to have coffees in a cafeteria in Peiraiki.

It was early evening hour with the Sun starting to sink.

Peiraiki Coast

We tried a cafeteria called Miramare. It is standing in front of the coast and we supposed that we could enjoy the view from the first floor balcony.

The view in fact wasn't that great, as the tent was down. The sun light was shining on the building and it wasn't possible not to cover the balcony. Surely we could have get a better view from a table closer to the tent, but it was hotter there as well, so we stayed away.

I ordered a cappuccino freddo and Hubby a frappé me gala. Both are around 3 euros, thus cheaper than in cafeterias of Marina Zea in Piraeus.

The Greek cappuccino freddo is made with a strange floating foam looks like whipped cream, but isn't. I heard that it is made from Nounou milk (tinned milk used for coffee), but I am not sure. It does not taste much and my impression is that the Greek cappuccino freddo is to be appreciated more for the visual than the actual taste.

While we were there, a large cruise ship went out from Piraeus port. It is so large that it looked more like a floating resident complex than a ship.

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