09 June, 2009

Some Cats and a Dog

I have accumulated some photos of cats recently, so I publish them.

I met this cat in Upper Plaka, Athens. She was eating herbs (if I don't used the word 'weed').

She was biting so enthusiastically, but did not mind my touching her.

Other two cats in Upper Plaka.

There was this strange icon in this garden.

Cats in my neighbourhood in Piraeus.

Two of the cats are tied to the flat, but two are free. They usually hang around together and might well be a family.

The kitten was attacking the monotone cat which was behaving very passively, probably because it was sleepy.

This dog was in a back street of Piraeus.

I have no idea why he was on the car. Is it his bed? I went close to him, but was totally ignored.

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