20 June, 2009

Agora tis Adrianou @ Monastiraki-Thissio

Went to Agora tis Adrianou on Adrianou Street of Monastiraki-Thissio area yesterday.

Does anyone know Adrianou street of Plaka and Adrianou of Monastiraki-Thissio are one same road or two different roads? It is sometimes confusing. Anyway, this restaurant is in Monastiraki-Thissio area, one of many restaurants lining Adrianou road parallel to the ISAP line and looking onto the Ancient Agora.

We arrived here at 21:30 in a Friday evening. This restaurant has many tables outside, but almost all of them were already taken, so we were seated inside the building, which is like a courtyard having an open roof. We were quite happy to be there, also because we prefer to eat with enough light than to eat in darkness.

According to the notice in Athenorama, this is a sister restaurant of Sharas in Vouliagmeni, which means this is a meat restaurant. So we ordered meat.

As appetizer, we had tyrokafteri (chili-cheese dip). I have never seen a tyrokafteri made with picked green chili, and it was pretty good. Not too salty with right amount of texture of feta cheese.

The bread you see in the photo was a sort of hand-made focaccia without or little olive oil. It is nice, but go easy with it, as is filling.

I ordered horta as I cannot eat meat without vegetable. It turned out to be vlita (βλήτα) - I guess the type of green changes from season to season - fresh and flavoursome. Olive oil was fruity and aromatic as well.

It took a while for the main dishes to arrive. Well, it wasn't such a long time, but, as Greek grill restaurants are usually very very quick, we felt like have waited for some time.

These are the things we ordered as main dishes.

Pork chop on born (μπριζόλα χοιρινή), served with chips.

Half the meat is hidden under the potato, but I can tell you it was pretty large. I thought it was over-cooked and rather dry, but Hubby was pretty happy with it. The Greeks tend to like their meat - pork especially - very well-done, and there is nothing I can do about it. Besides its dryness, the meat had porky taste and nice.

I had a portion of pork on skewers.

Meat did not look huge, but I really struggle to finish them all. The pork bits were accompanied with right amount of fat, as I like it. Different from the pork chop above, I think this meat was marinated before cooking and had a different flavour. Again, I would have preferred the meat less cooked, but there is no way out in this front.

Grilled tomato was strangely cold, but also was very sweet and enjoyable. I rarely like grilled tomato, so they must have done something right. Pita also was very nice; crispy, sweet and not oily. Being stuffed, I could not finish the pitas, but it wasn't at all my intention. If I have had less will power, I would have eaten them all and burst to death.

After the meal and payment, we were offered small lemony liqueur.

It served as dessert for us, but if anyone has some space after the meal, Haagen Dasz cafe just next to it is actually under the same management (two shops are connected inside) and you can order ice cream from there.

We ordered one main courses per person, but you can pick and mix more meze dishes and less meat.

Service in general is all right, not too formal, not too friendly, attentive and not slow.

The bill for two, with a large glass of beer and free carafe of water, was 32.20 euros (34 including tip). 17 euros per person isn't bad value in this part of Athens, we thought. Above all, we ate pretty well.

This isn't a super fine, gourmet restaurant, but it is a good, casual, relaxing place with a better environment than less expensive tavernas. We won't mind coming back at all.

Αγορά της Αδριανού
Αδριανού 31
Τηλ. 210-3250096

Agora tis Adrianou
Adrianou 31 (Monastiraki-Thissio)
Tel. 210-3250096

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