01 March, 2014

Eating in Mani in February (Gythio)

Some food related photo from our last trip to Mani peninsula. The other photos, I hope, can be uploaded to mesogeia.net when GH repairs the server. He promised that it should be ready this weekend, but I have been hearing it for half a year now.

Our first day to Mani, we stopped at Gythio for a walk. It was not the fist time as we had visited the town 4 years ago. But on that occasion, we did not eat anything here except for a breakfast at a coffee shop. So we did not know where to eat. It wasn't even in our plan, but GH said he was hungry and needed to eat.

The first place I thought of was this taverna called Trata, which was recommended to us four years ago by a hotelman but we did not have chance to visit. And we did not have chance this time either, as it was undergoing a refurbishment.

Another obvious place to eat should be a fish taverna called Saga, but it was so all over guidebooks that I avoided (it does not mean anything, though).

It was an afternoon of a weekday and it was not even a tourism season, so most of the tavernas were totally empty. The only place which looked relatively busy was this 90moires (90 degrees). The name obviously comes from the fact it occupies a corner and has 90 degree view.

It was a warm day, but not as warm as to be seated outside. Well, there were people seated outside, but I don't like it when the food gets cold quickly eating al fresco.

Being in front of the sea, the obvious choice is seafood, but it also had meat. As we had eaten seafood several days before, we chose meat this time. But first come the starters, tzatziki (3.50 Euro) and horta (4.50 Euro). Both pretty good. There was grilled bread as well, although not in this photo.

GH ordered kokoras krasatos with fried potatoes. It cost whipping 9 Euro. GH said that it was very good, though.

I had Syglino, which is smoked pork, a specialty of Mani.

I have never seen Syglino served in this way. To me Syglino is usually served as meze (in small portion), if not cooked with something else (egg, beans etc). Here Syglino was served in big chunks as if they were ham steaks or Chinese roast pork. They were slightly warm as well (probably it was tossed in oven for a short while together with the garnish). Excellent dish and it cost only 7 Euro.

At the end we were offered small pieces of semolina halvas (on the house). With almond and orange zest inside and honey and cinnamon on top, it was very good.

Together with a bottle of beer and a bottle of mineral water, the bill came to 30 Euro. But we ordered only 4 dishes of relatively low price. Normally you'd better expect to pay 20 Euro p.p. (if you are in group of 3 or more, it can be lower than 20, though).

The food and service were pretty good, so I'd love to come back to try other stuff (and eat again Syglino).

Eneninta Mires - 90 ΜΟΙΡΕΣ
Tzanni Tzanetaki, Gythio, Lakonia
Τζανετάκη Τζαννή, Γύθειο
Tel. 27330 25425


This is an image of the Maniot fried bread that I wrote about in the previous post. Just seeing the photo, I did not quite make out what it was.

Even if your hotel do not serve it as breakfast, you can find it in some cafeterias or pie shops that sell as snack.

And this is an unrelated photo from Giannoulakis in Aspropyrgos (Elefsina). Giannoulakis is a large bakery on the road from Piraeus to Olympia Odos highway. Whenever we travel to Peloponnese we stop here for a snack and coffee. I had an excellent mushroom pie this time.

It has a large selection of fresh pies. If you like such stuff, I recommend you try it.

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