29 March, 2014

Godzilla Sushi Bar @ Marina Flisvos

Quick post about Godzilla Sushi Bar in Marina Floisvou.

Godzilla Sushi Bar was used to be in Psyrri and some time ago it relocated to Marina Flisvos, in Palaio Faliro. The location is a bit strange. It is just next to Mare Marina club/restaurant and it shares the same entrance. I.e. To enter Mare Marina from the south side (I think there is another entrance at the other end), you have to go through Godzilla.

It is a very small restaurant, with a dozen of tables. There is a sushi counter with 2 young Asian sushi chefs, but all the other food seems to be cooked in the kitchen of Mare Marina.

We went with a 29 Euro coupon, so I do knot know the real price, but I am sure that it is on the expensive side due to the location.

The first course was miso soup which was probably the worst I have ever had. They added too much water and it tasted barely miso. To compensate the lack of taste, they added a drop of sesame seed oil. It was entirely wrong.

The second course was Gyoza. Japanese people won't eat gyoza and sushi at the same time, but it does not matter. Problem was that the gyoza (dumplings with minced meat filling) was reheated in a strange manner that the lower part was lukewarm and the upper part was totally cold. I have no idea how they did this magic.

Godzilla salad did not contain any godzilla meat, but with chicken. Sour-sweet sesame dressing was pretty good.

And finally sushi. From the left, spicy tuna maki, salmon nigiri, and prawn and cucumber maki. And the sushi were fine. The spicy tuna maki was clearly the winner, although it was not spicy (it just had some mayonnaise). But again, all tasted all right. Correct sushi.

But the final vegetable noodles were again wrong. They used instant ramen noodles which were not for stir-frying. The noodles fell into short pieces.

GH had an Asahi beer for 6.50 Euro.

I satisfied my curiosity with 29 Euro (+6.50 Euro beer). If I ever come here again, I will eat only sushi and salad.

Godzilla Sushi Bar (by Mare Marina)
Marina Flisvos (Building 6), Palaio Faliro
Μαρίνα Φλοίσβου (Κτίριο 6), Παλαίο Φάληρο
Tel. 210 9822220

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