15 March, 2014

To Akri @ Piraeus

In the evening of a Friday, we visited a taverna called Akri in Piraiki, on Themistkleous Street. It is about 5 walk from our flat. One of these places which is so close that you do not go.

They recently changed the signage, but everything else is same.

One of the reasons that we have never visited it, even though I have been hearing that the food was good, was that it is not always open and there is no good table outside. The indoor space is not quite attractive either.

This taverna sells specialities from the island of Kasos. I was curious what it was about, but on the menu there are only 3 or 4 choices of such.

I can mention, however, that there is a range of grilled meat. If you do not eat much fish and seafood, it can be convenient.

To start was grilled bread and a bottle of tap water.

Horta was very fresh and tasty.

This is grilled cheese. I asked what cheese was it, but they could not tell. This happens quite often and seems strange. It was good, anyway. The texture was similar to Mastello of Chios.

And again very good fresh fried potatoes (for GH!)

Fried calamari (frozen) was delicious.

And this is one of Kasos speciality, Makaronia Sitaka Kasou, 7 Euro.

It should be cooked with a local cheese called Sitaka, but we were told that this one was made from milk. The girl tried to explained to us as much as she could, but we did not understand how it was prepared. The brown stuff is caramelized onion.

The milk cream had a distinct sour flavour. It was an interesting dish. I don't think I would go back there only to eat this, but I might order it again, once we are there.

At the end we were offered loukoumades donuts. We asked for only two, but they gave us four.

And the bill was only 23.30 Euro including 500ml wine.

The food was as good as it could be in this category of tavernas. We'd return.

To Akri- Το Ακρί
Akti Themistokleous 298, Piraeus
Ακτή Θεμιστοκλέους 298, Πειραϊκή, Πειραίας
Τel. 210 4180110

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