22 February, 2014

Maniot Fried Bread

As I wrote yesterday, this is my third visit to Mani. But I did not notice how popular this fried bread in Mani.

It is not something you can find only in Mani. I believe it is eaten all over Greece, although named differently from place to place. 

In Mani it is simply called 'pita'. Or to distinguish from other pites (pies), it is also called τραβηχτή πίτα, or Maniatiki pita for non-Maniots. 

When it is well cooked, it is incredibly light and fluffy. It is nice in itself, but is usually eaten with cheese or honey. The ones in photo are served with yellow cheese. 

Often eaten either as breakfast or snack.

It is a joy to learn these small things while I travel.

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