15 March, 2014

Coming Back from Mani

On the last day of our trip, we left Areopoli around noon. We have been eaten too much by then that we did not anymore there except for the breakfast at the hotel.

But before leaving, we bought some good stuff from Mani.

Here is Syglino. In supermarkets in Athens, I have never seen Syglino in this format. It is usually already sliced and packed in plastic bags. This original Syglino should be boiled and cooled before consumption, if I understood well. Not really to cook, but to remove extra salt.

This cost only 7.50 Euro per kilo. Dead cheap for cured meat. We bought also sausages with orange peel (it seems that the Maniot sausages usually contain orange peel), 5.50 Euro per kilo. Very good stuff.

And we bought a ball of cheese from laiki market (every Saturday). This is ksinomizithra, 10 Euro (10 Euro per kilo).

The guy wanted to sell us fresh mizithra and feta, but we did not have a good fridge in the hotel room, so we settled on this. Strong sheep/goat milk smell. Pretty good on pasta.

On our way home, we stopped at Sparta for a coffee. I told GH that we might be able to eat, but he was still too stuffed.

Greek coffee with spoon sweets is such a pretty sight, isn't it?

From Sparta, we bought some diples (which can be found in Athens, but they eat these a lot in Lakonia) and syrupy sweets called Samsa. The last one was similar to baklavas, but contained sesame seeds.

We very much enjoyed food in Mani this time.

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