10 May, 2012

Travelling Narita - Munich - Athens

It looks that a new government is about to be formed tomorrow or day after tomorrow. Many Greeks are disappointed, for the new government again is composed of the two big parties, New Democracy and PASOK. If, at least, a smaller party could play a bigger role, it would have looked better, but this did not happen, because, in my opinion, the smaller parties are too rigid.

Anyway, any government is better than no government at all, at least for me.


Returning to the usual theme of this blog, here is what I ate on my way from Narita to Athens.

This is what I ate at Narita Airport: An Mitsu.

The principal components are sea weed based jelly and sweet red bean paste. It is quite healthy dessert, because sea weed jelly is devoid of calories and contains lots of fibre.

And again I was on board.

Here is the lunch on the airplane from Narita to Munich.

The main dish was Japanese style beef with rice. Meat was chewy and rice was too soft, but being small in quantity, I ate it all without realizing (except for bread).

And after 8 hours or so (I think I got a rice cake in between), dinner. Another Japanese choice, rice and salmon.

Again, very small portion. So small that I did not find it difficult to finish it all (except for bread). And here I got the first cake on this Lufthansa trip.

The flight went smooth and I found myself in Munich.

It was the first time for me to be in Munich Airport which is smaller than Frankfurt, but the coffee is FREE!!!

There are many of these automatic coffee makers and it is absolutely free. I have never seen anything like this (maybe because I have never been to airports of Arabic countries?)

I was supposed to have 2 hours of wait, but the connection flight delayed and I spent 3 hours here. Having been bored, I bought a packet of sausage from Dallmayr. Unfortunately I did not like the spongy texture of these white sausage (no, I did not ate these there, but at home).

Another dinner on Munich-Athens flight.

It was macaroni cheese. This tasted rather ... sad, but, you know, the flight was less than 3 hours, so I was lucky to have a hot meal and not a cold ham and cheese sandwich.

Air plane meals are not bad, as far as you eat only once in a while. :)

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