08 May, 2012

Travelling Athens - Frankfurt - Narita

I went to Japan for a week using the Orthodox Easter break. Here are photos of the things I ate on the way to Narita.

First, I ate this in the air plane from Athens to Frankfurt, around 7 o'clock.

In the main dish, from the left are the oven baked potatoes, some sort of cheese pie (thin Arabic pita like thing staffed with feta cheese), and oven baked aubergine and zucchini. Although I appreciated that it was a hot meal, it was bit too heavy for breakfast early in the morning.

We were given two pieces of bread (one white, one black) which had nothing to mention.

Suburb of Frankfurt from the sky. Different from Greece, it looked very industrial.

And a lots of Lufthansa aircraft.

Frankfurt Airport is huge and there are lots of shops and cafeterias.

This one called Mosch Mosch sells ...

pseudo Japanese Chinese food like Wagamama. There were quite some people, even though it was morning.

An automatic vendor of Kosher food! But it was almost empty. Maybe the German Jews are not that strict anymore?

As I had many hours to kill at the airport, I looked for interesting food. Many shops were selling sausages and pretzels; evidently these are the typical German snacks like tyropita for the Greeks. I found an attractive pastry shop and tried one.

There were many attractive ones and they were huge! I got a custard cream and apple pastry with a cappuccino.

It was a shame that I could not heat it, but tasted very good and surprisingly light (or rather not too heavy). Shop is called Kamps. Recommended for pastries, although the coffee wasn't so good.

And I found myself again on air plane, to Narita.

This is the menu. There was a very detailed description for the Japanese main dish, but the other one was just "Bolognese Spaghetti". I had a bad feeling.

And it came true. The better described main dishes sold quickly, and the people in my area were given no choice. Bolognese Spaghetti for us.

But it might not bad in the end. The Bolognese Spaghetti was like oven-baked and served very hot; I ate it all right.

The pink noodles tasted good as well.

In the menu, it was written that we would have served snack between meals, but the service staff cheated distributing snack together with the lunch plate. It was salmon onigiri (rice ball with sea weed sheat).

And breakfast.

Main dish from the left, chicken (in soy sauce?), scrambled egg, fried potatoes. I would not eat fried potatoes for breakfast, but the egg was surprisingly good. Usually, the breakfast eggs on air planes are served very hard from over-cooking, but this one was still soft and fluffy. Not sure how they did it, but I appreciated their effort.

I am not sure if you noticed that we were not given any cake at the meals. The desserts were always fruits. Usually the cakes on air planes taste awful, so it was good thing, I guess.

In total, I liked the meals of Lufthansa.

It was raining in Narita when I arrived.

It has been sometime to see wet Narita.

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