12 May, 2012

Frappe @ NAI, Neo Faliro

I am at cafeteria NAI in Neo Faliro.

The country might go bankrupt next week, but things look pretty usual here. Frappe costs 4 euro, cappuccino 4.30 euro.

Yesterday morning it look probable that a new government is being formed, but the hope quickly disappeared and now e everyone is speaking about the new election with the prediction that Syriza takes the 1st place.

I do not sympathize with communists (not that I do not sympathize with the communism which was a great ideal which tuned out to be contrary to the human nature, IMO) and I don't want them to take the lead, but, if the people wants, what can I do?

The last hope is now the presidential brokerage. Hope for the best, but they say the hope is faint.


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