29 May, 2012

Athens Imperial Hotel to Stop Exercise

TV news of Skai said that Athens Imperial Hotel in Karaiskakis (Metaxiourgiou) Square is to close, although it does not say exactly when it is going to close.

News on Skai.gr

I used to work in tourism. I don't remember how many times I went there to meet tourists and how many times I tried to sell it to the foreign tour operators. I even went there for an inspection once.

The hotel itself was all right and very good value for money, although it was clearly not up to the 5 star standard (officially it was a five-star).

But the area was/is getting problematic, full of illegal immigrant, drag addicts, and thieves. There always were/are many policemen, but they were just chatting among them as if they had nothing to do with the situation.


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