04 May, 2012

Piu Verde @ Papagou Hill

After our adventure in Hymittos Mountain, the last thing we wanted to get involved again the traffic chaos in Kaissariani, so we we tried to go another road. The only one we found was toward Cholargos.

As it is one of the areas in Athens we do not usually visit, we decided to have lunch here. Greek Husband said he wanted Italian, so after a short search with my smart phone, we decided on one in Papagou Hill called Piu Verde (as you see on the napkin, there is no accent on u of piu - what I am saying is that IT IS NOT MY FAULT).

It is situated in the park and comprises restaurant section and cafeteria section. This nice looking part is cafeteria.

Unfortunately the nice part was very much full and we were seated indoor. GH was VERY unhappy, but he was too hungry to walk out, so he stayed (but, actually, it would be very nice in winter).

We had a salad as starter: cherry tomatoes, olives and caper salad served with pita bread, rocket leaves and fried feta in sesame.

This was a pretty good, filling salad. The bread and dips (minty yoghurt and black olive) were nice, too.

My main course was small pork steaks in Marsala sauce served with broccoli risotto. Plating was beautiful.

The meat did not have freshly grilled taste, as it was cooked in low temperature. I appreciated that the broccoli had crunchiness, but the risotto itself was over-salted. Did not manage to eat all.

GH who wanted Italian food ordered pork souvlaki.

The souvlaki was almost non-salted. And tragically, there was no salt on the table and all the waiters were too busy running around.

We had also one not-ordered bottle of mineral water and one big beer (500 mil?) and the final bill was about 42 Euro.

I did not like at all the fact that they did not leave the not-ordered mineral water on our table and we had to call the attention of waiters get my glass filled. AND, some of the other tables had cold bottle of tap water for free! What sort of service is it? And 7 Euro for beer I think is too much.

In conclusion, we won't go back (too far from our areas anyway). But if you live close and want coffee, it would be a nice place in warm seasons.

Piu Verde
Strat. Al. Papagou & 8th Merarchia, Alsos Papagou
Στρατ.Αλ.Παπάγου & 8ης Μεραρχίας, Άλσος Παπάγου,
156 69, Tel 210 6546185

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