13 May, 2012

Schinias beach

I am on Schinias Beach near Marathon. Before the weekend , the weather forecast was saying that it would rain and be cloudy during the weekend, but it turned out to be false and it is quite fine ands shiny till now.

Greek Husband insisted that we had to go to beach and here we are. However I am suffering from hey fever for these 4 days and hardly feel fit enough for the sea. Besides the temperature is not high enough and I am feeling cold drinking cold Chocolate at a cafeteria (Playa del Sol it is called).

Today President Papoulias started the talk with the principal party leaders to form a new government, but Mr Tsipras is unlikely to give in, they say.

If Greece goes to next election, at least there will be one positive thing which is that Golden Dawn is likely to take less vote. All the else is uncertain. Depending on how the Allies (Troika) react, the people will swing their vote until the last moment.

Some Greeks did not vote for the major two parties just because they signed the Memorandum 2, but some didn't because these parties did not commit to the reforms that are part of the Memorandum.

The result of the election is open to many interpretations. I just hope that the Greeks get what they want.

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