02 July, 2011

ManiMani @ Makrygianni-Acropolis

Visited yesterday ManiMani restaurant near the Acropolis Museum. I think it is well known (or better known) to the foreigners than to the Greeks, because it is well publicized in foreign-language guidebooks.

When we entered the restaurant at 8 o'clock there was only a couple of foreigners was eating. Lighting of half of the restaurant was turned off and it was evident that they were not expecting many guests, even though it was Friday evening. The truth is that the Greeks eat outdoor during the summer and these places which do not have tables outdoor have difficult time. It is no wonder that many restaurants in Athens close the door full 2 months during the summer. The kitchen/hall staff can anyway find summer work (with higher pay, I suppose) in beach side resorts, so it is not a problem even for employees.

Bread with olive oil.

Green salad with chopped dried figs and Katziki Domokou cheese. Katziki Domokou was like something between yogurt and feta in paste form. I ate it with bread, but Hubby did not like it (he does not eat Yogurt generally, if it is not tzatziki).

These are meat filled ravioli deep-fried and served with yogurt. In this photo, it looks to be a big portion, but it isn't. Anyway, these were quite oily and I would not eat more than this much. The meat ravioli reminded us of Chinese dumplings.

Square shaped small pasta (xyropites) with chicken and vegetables and cheese. Hubby liked it, but I did not. It was probably because I don't like this pasta.

With a bottle of beer and a bottle of water, the bill was 37 Euro. Not too expensive, neither cheap. The food was not to my taste and personally I won't go back, while Hubby liked it better. But as a Nouvelle Grecque cuisine restaurant, it is probably not bad. Try once to see if you like it.

Falirou 10, Makrygianni-Acropolis Area
Tel. 210-921 8180


I passed in front of the new Indian restaurant in Syntagma Area: Indian Kitchen.

It occupies the premises that used to be the buffet restaurant Dion. A curry and a bowl of rice or naan is about 15 Euro.

Indian Kitchen
Apollonos St. 6, Syntagma
Tel. 210 323 7720

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