23 July, 2011

Kitromilo @ Panormou & Ampelokipoi

On a Friday evening, we were ended up in Panormou and wanted to eat. I searched some interesting place using a mobile internet program and found out Kitromilo was in the short walk distance.

The restaurant occupy an old residential building of 3 storeys. I quite liked the indoor space, but as it was a very hot evening (and it was not air-conditionned), we opted to go to the roof top terrace, as everyone else.

When we were seated at 8 o'clock, there were only 2 patrons, but later on we were joined 3 more couples.

The menu was printed on the table paper. There were about 15 starters, about 7 salads (incl. Greek 'salata' like tzatziki), 3 grilled main dishes, and about 7 'pre-cooked' main dishes, with most of well-known Cypriot specialities.

We avoided fresh vegetable salads, as they cost about 7-8 Euro and chose the followings.

Lountza (smoked pork ham), tzatziki and the obligatory order of pita bread. The ham was ... ham, but good quality one, which is difficult to find in Athens (the Greeks do not seem to have tradition to make pork ham).

I did not like particularly the tzatziki, as the cucumber was not cruntchy enough, but as you see, it came in a generous portion.


This is a starter dish called "folia (nest)". White cheese wrapped in kataifi pastry, then baked in oven. Served with cheesy white sauce and rose pepper.

It had a nive buttery flavour, which went well with dry-ish white cheese. We enjoyed it very much.

From the main dish, we chose seftalia from grilled dish section.

The meat balls contained generous amount of chopped herb. Hubby seemed to like it very much, while it was just OK for me, but generally speaking, I do not like so much 'biftekia' sort of food, so I am not very credible to those who like 'biftekia'.

With a bottle of water and a bottle of beer, the bill came to 33.40Euro, which we thought was OK.

We were happy to have tried some new dishes without paying a fortune and would be happy to come back. I would like, however, one or two vegetable salad below 6 Euro.

Bill breakdown:
Bottle of water 2.20 Euro
Pita 0.70 Euro x 2
Lountza 4.90 Euro
Folia 6.30 Euro
Tzatziki 3.70 Euro
Seftalia 10.90 Euro
Beer 4.00 Euro
Total 33.40 Euro

(After having finished this post, I found their menu of January 2011 on their website (http://kitromilo.gr/) which is about 10% more expensive than it is now. If we had paid as much as in this old menu, we must have feld differently about the value of money. So, if you had already been there and liked the food, but felt it was too expensive, you might want to go back now).

34 Alexi Pavli & 16 Mikromanis
Tel. 210 6910 590
Fax. 210 6856 201

Άλέξη Παυλή 34 & Μικρομάνης 16

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