07 July, 2011

One Day Trip to Tolo

In June we went to a one day trip to Tolo.

We have been to there some years ago and we liked the beach and that is why we decided to return. It is a very long sandy beach. Water is warm and calm.

Tolo Beach

Beach parasol and 2 sun beds cost 8 Euro, which I think is too much. We will bring our own equipments next time.

After having spent the afternoon at the beach, we went back to a restaurant we went, when we came here for the first time. This restaurant has tables on the quey and you feel like having dinner on the water.

But this time, the food was so and so. It was better a few years ago. Or maybe we made a wrong choice.

Off the coast of Tolo, there is this islet. There was a red moon over it in that evening.

Then we return to our hotel. The pool was lighten up. Hubby had a bacardi & coke by the pool side.

We found this hotel on booking.com.
A double bed room with kitchen was 50 Euro including breakfast. The beach is less than 10 min walk away. Not bad value.

The hotel owner let us used the room until 3 o'clock in the afternoon, so we went to a beach 10km away from Tolo.

It was pebbly beach with 3 cafeterias and without residential buildings.

When we arrived at 11, it was only half-full, but when we was leaving at 2, the beach was so full that there were several people walking around desperately to look for available sun beds.

We went back to the hotel to have a shower and then left for Nafplio.

Bourgainvillas were beautiful.

For lunch, we had among other things this Veal with Prunes served with home made mashed potato.

After the meal was a ritual espresso at a roadside cafeteria.

Hubby wanted a cafeteria looking toward Bourtzi, but seeing an espresso costing 3.50, he accepted to go somewhere else. In this cafeteria, we paid less than 3 Euro for an espreso.

In two days, we spent about 180 euro including the fuel. Good value entertainment for 2 days.


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