03 July, 2011

Summer Vacation!

Not yet, but we decided where to go.

Before, we were planning to go to Vatika and Kythira Island, However, as we have been to Peloponnese several times in the past months, in the end we said we should go somewhere else.

Ferry tickets being so expensive*, we looked for somewhere we can go by car and eventually we decided on Pelion (Pilio). They say we can enjoy both sea and mountain there.

Then yesterday we went to a wedding and at a banquet table we found sitting next to us a men who went to Pelion last summer and another man whose mother was from Pelion! They both said that there were splendid beaches and gave us some indications.

Looking forward to it!

(*) Several days ago, I heard that the price of ferry tickets should go down by 15% because the tax was lowered. Do you know what happened to this decision? I work for a tourist agency and everyday check the rate of ferry tickets. I don't see any difference of rate since they. Is it happening some time later, or again we were duped?

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