23 July, 2011

Beach & Unhappy Meal

It is very hot in Athens these days and we have been ended up on the beach every Sunday.

This is a beach near Porto Germeno a few weekends ago.

There were MANY people and cars, but as the beach so long it was not difficult to find room to put up our beach parasol. The problem was rather that the wind was blowing so hard that we had to hold our parasol all the time.

Although it was a very popular beach, number of cafeterias and restaurants was very limited and I could not help but thinking what the people were doing, when they wanted to go to the toilets. Hubby did not seem to mind even though he thought that people do it in the sea. Strange.

After the bathing, we headed for late lunch.

At the first restaurant we entered and sat down, the waiters were trying not to notice us, so we moved to a restaurant next door.

We perused the menu and decided on some items, but when the owner came to take our order, he said the menu was useless as most of the items were simply not served in summer. Disappointing. So why they gave us the menu to begin with? He dictated us boring dishes they had at the moment and we, uninspired, ordered a few dishes with difficulty.

Here are fried potatoes, cucumber & tomato salad, and melitzanosalata. The food was fine up to this point.

The yaourtlou kebabs were half baked. It was not like "pink in the centre", but totally raw and cold inside.

I called the owner to complain. He was not convinced when I showed it (it was not so evident apparently), but, having examined it with the cook, he returned to our table and apologized. It took 15 min to do it. He offered to prepare another dish a new, but we politely turned down, as by that time we waited so long and had finished all the other dishes.

Clearly they were overstretching the kitchen to cater for the increased number of customers during the summer. It was a pity, as it seemed to be a good taverna. We should be revisit when the summer finishes.

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