06 August, 2011

Vacation in Pelion

Yesterday we returned from 6 day long vacation in Pelion.

Ferry tickets being so expensive and we having bought a car last autumn, we chose somewhere we could reach by road.

Pelion might be a less known destination to foreigners, while to Greeks it is probably one of the top, admitting it is rather a from-autumn-to-spring resort.

Pelion is well known for these traditional residential buildings called 'archondiko', often used as hotel/hostel.


I would have loved to stay one of these buildings, but Hubby HAD To stay by the sea, while these traditional buildings are in mountain villages. So we stayed at normal "Rooms".

In Pelion, there are many beaches. This one below is Agii Sananda, probably one of the best beaches in Pelion.

Agii Saranda Beach

It was a beautiful beach, but only for the beaches, I don't think it is worth driving 5 hours to come to Pelion.

Although the beaches were a bit disappointing (maybe because we had too high an expectation), we enjoyed very much the food in Pelion.


The dish above is Spetzofai (stew of Pelion sausage and peppers). Besides, we loved also galotyri, stuffed zucchini flowers, stuffed sour cabbage rolls, sweet pepper pie, etc etc. Everything was fantastic.

I would go back to Pelion for food, if not for beach!


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