28 October, 2010

Paradosiako Tis Larissas @ Glyfada

Really, we went to go to a place in Alimos.

But it was full because of a post-baptism party.

Then we went to another restaurant we wanted to go in Glyfada. Again, it was full of the post-baptismal crowd.

So we ended up in this psistaria in Glyfada.

Sprite turned up in a unfamiliar glass bottle with plastic cap. I have never seen this before.

Cucumber & Tomato salad. We did not order Greek salad, because...

We ordered Galotyri.

It is a kind of cheese, cross between feta and Greek yogurt. I like this cheese.

And, meat of course.

Pork souvlaki wasn't bad, but not exceptional either. What I did not like were these stick like chips.

I left them all to Hubby who said he liked them.

And Hubby ordered grilled pork chop.

The meat was tender, juicy and well cooked. Thumb up.

But, 30 Euros bill looked a bit steap for what we ate.

Paradosiako tis Larissas
Kyprou 19 & Zerva 24 str.
Glyfáda, Greece
Tel. +30-210-8980032

Then off to an after-meal espresso at Alea.

I have not eaten cakes there and don't know how their sweets are, but can tell you that the espresso is excellent. Truly Italian.

I should eat cakes sometimes, but when we arrive here for espresso, we are too full with food and don't have space for anything but a single espresso.

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