23 October, 2010

Arni Psito @ Agia Anna

We went to Ossios Loukas recently.

We thought to be able to find a taverna nearby, but couldn't. Se we went up to Agia Anna where we knew that there are tavernes.

After half an hour of drive we stopped at a place called Elikonio.

When we entered, we did not know it was a psistaria (restaurant specialised in grilled meat), but anyway we were expecting to eat meat and it wasn't a problem.

As it happens in restaurants in countryside, they did not have menu and a woman who looked to be the owner or owner's wife explained to us verbally what they had on the day.

Here are tzatziki, beetroots,and local feta cheese.

Beetroots were delicious with a hint of vinegar. The Boeotia is famous for feta cheese and it was why we ordered one; I guess it was good, but to be honest we are not knowledgeable about feta cheese.

Then fried potatoes for Hubby.

They were fresh, but did not have much taste. We discussed that maybe the potato they used was not right sort of potato. Fried potatoes are such a simple food, but it is not easy to prepare good fried potatoes. These were OK, but rather dissapointing as we were expecting better ones.

About the time we started to worry about our main dish, it arrived.

800 grammes of grilled lamb on bone.

This did not betray our expectations: very soft, juicy and fragrant.

When we order, we were told that 1 portion is 800 grammes and we ordered accordingly. As the meat was on bone, there wasn't actually 800 grammes of meat to eat, but it was still a big quantity of meat for 2 of us.

But it was a shame to leave such a nice meat uneaten and eventually we managed to finish.

The bill came to 30 Euros (incl. tip). Not the cheapest food, but as the meat was very good, we were happy to pay.

Would love to come back, if we have a chance.

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