16 October, 2010

Dam Cafe @ Marathonas

Marathon Lake

Marathon Lake

I am not sure if it is a natural lake. It is now used as a reservoir to provide drinking water to Athens. Do you see the dam below?

And by this lake, there is a cafeteria called "Dam (fragma)".

We sat at this cafe and had club sandwich.

It might look prettier, but it wasn't as tasty as the one we ate at Agrotera Cafe in Athens.

With cheap ham and cold grilled bacon, the overwhelming taste was that of mayonnaise.

Chips had a similar flavour to crisps, because of the 'magic poweder' containing ajinomoto (artificial umami powder).

Was not anything I would like to eat again, but the view was beautiful.

Interestingly I saw several Muslim families doing picnic around. I wondered if they love nature more than the Athenians do.

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