14 October, 2010

Club Sandwich @ Agrotera

We went to 3 Day Aegean Cruise this weekend and returned totally exhausted. You think Cruise is a relaxing way of traveling, but this weekend cruise at least isn't so, if you join in a couple of shore excursions. If you want to relax, you should not get off from the boat at all.

But now I am regaining the power to blog.

This is already some time ago. We went to a cafe-restaurant called Agrotera near Zappio.

This strange name comes from Temple of Artemis Agrotera situated nearby. In fact, the construction slightly reminds me of ancient temple.

It is facing to a running track and the flat green part you can see from the window is the one. The hill in front is Ardittos Hill.

We did not intend to eat seriously and order only a club sandwich & two coca cola.

A waiter put table cloths, dishes, knives, forks.

Probably it does not look so appetizing to you, but was in fact quite good, with lots of butter and freshly grilled chicken fillet.

The bill came to 12 Euros.

As restaurant, it is not particularly cheap, but as drinks are inexpensive, we did not pay much.

We would like to be there for more serious eating next time.

We revisited here in May 2011.

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