30 October, 2010

Palaeochristian Basilica in Glyfada

Archaeology and Glyfada....

We don't usually associate these two, but even in Glyfada there is a small archaeological site.

It is a foundation of 5th century basilica.

It is only a bare foundation, but the plan of the church is quite clear.

You should be able to discern the apsis clearly in this photo.

Speaking about the archaeology, have you seen the contracted workers of the Ministry of Culture protesting ON THE TOP OF PROPYLAIA?

What a mess.

Even nowadays, the Greeks say that Acropolis is sacred and the legacy of the human being. The Greeks want the Elgin Marble back, because Parthenon is a symbol of civilization and they should be together with the temple itself (do you understand the logic? I, no).

Then, they stage an act that might damage the monument and nobody gets arrested for an act potentially damaged treasure of humanity.

Do you think the Elgin Marble should be in the hand of Greeks? They should do better to convince me.

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