02 October, 2010

Acropolis Museum Cafe Closed?

Evidently the report was wrong: check out the comment field.

A few days ago I read on newspaper that the cafeteria in the New Acropolis Museum was about to close down. The article also said that the place was to be let to private sector bidder, but it has not been decided yet which company will run it.

If the article is correct, the cafeteria should be closed by now (if a private sector bidder has not yet taken it over).

On one hand, it is a shame, as it was a nice cafeteria with imaginative menu and very affordable price.

But on the other hand, it was inevitable as the cafeteria has been subsidised by the state which is virtually bankrupt. If there is a private company which can manage the place with profit and can pay rent to the place, it is in fact a benefit to the Greek people (and to all the creditors of Greek State).

Even if it means €5 cappuccino.

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