26 December, 2008

Greek Diary (Day 1)

I am in Greece. Arrived yesterday night.

Without any respite, the preparation of our new flat started.

Today the wall painter came to paint the walls. He is an Albanian and acquaintance of my mother-in-law. He offered us a friendly rate of painting the whole flat for 250 Euros including the expenses.

The poor guy came in at 8 in the morning (mind; today - 26 Dec. - is Greek national holiday) and started to paint, but after a while started to complain about his head ache. He drank too much yesterday (Christmas Day evening), and, per consequence, was suffering from hang-over.

After a few hours, without even finishing the whole living room, he gave up and went home. He did not have the will to work and even while painting he could not stop talking to Hubby, who was there to work on the wooden floor of the bedroom.

He said he would return tomorrow and finish all.

But I am rather sceptical.

He still have to paint the half of the living room, bedroom, kitchen and corridor (fortunately for him, not the bathroom which is tiled). Let's see what happens.


Then we went to take a look at the laiki agora (weekly market) in front of our flat. We bought a bottle of fresh olive oil for 5 euros. It was opaque and very very green. Tastes really fruity.


In the afternoon, we went to my brother-in-law's house. His wife offered us a couple of her hand-made melomakarona, one of the typical Christmas sweets in Greece, which were very nice. Bravo tis!


So was my first day in Greece.

Good night!

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