29 December, 2008

Flight from Birmingham to Athens on Christmas Day

I travelled from Birmingham, UK to Athens on 25 December 2008 using Swiss Airlines and here are some snaps from the trip.

I took a private hire from my flat to the Airport as there was no train or bus on Christmas day. I got a quote of "between 18 and 19 pounds" from the cab company, but on arrival my cab driver wanted 22 pounds. I simply mentioned the quote and he backed down only with a few words of murmur. This was not the first time private hire drivers did it to me. I think the company takes the quoted some and the drivers want some more money that they don't have to give to their company.


The airplane was only about 10% full.

The food I got between Birmingham and Zurich was a brie and cranberry sandwich. There is nothing sadder than a sandwich straight from the fridge and that was it. As it was a Christmas Day, I was expecting something like a turkey sandwich, my expectation proved to be too high. But, as turkey goes often with cranberry sauce, may I say that I got a half of it? Maybe not. At least we got a "Season's Greetings" sticker on top.

Besides, it counted 3 types of E numbers in its ingredients.

Tasted like a loser's food.

I waited for 4 hours at Zurich airport. Meanwhile I had one tortilla wrap that I brought from home. Nicer than the one I had in the airplane.

On the Zurich-Athens flight, I got a seat in front of emergency exit. I don't know why they don't give this kind of seats to tall people. I am only 155 cm tall and hardly need any extra legroom. As it was in front of the emergency exit, I was told not to put any luggage under my seat and the person who was seating next to it was taken away even a handbag.

On this flight I got a better food.

Usually, between Zurich and Athens, they give us something they call 'calzone', but this time they gave me an 'Italian Chicken' pasty from Monty's Bakehouse.

Italian Chicken pasty from Monty's Bakehouse

It was made in UK. I have been living in UK for past five years, but I have never heard of this brand.

The package says "We only use ingredients from the kitchen cupboard".

Monty's Bakehouse pasty

What it meant was that it was made from kind of ingredients you and I can easily find in supermarkets. In fact, there is no E numbers and anything sounds like medicine/chemical.

Inside there are some bits of chicken (20% of the components), veggie and cheese. I suppose that what makes it Italian were mozzarella cheese and basil leaf.

I don't like pasties in general, but it was acceptable as airplain food.

Then we got this pretty biscuit.

Swiss biscuit
It tasted nothing special, but I would have given it "Good Design Award".

We landed in Athens 10 or 15 minutes before the scheduled time.

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