30 December, 2008


Yesterday I ate something called trachana (τραχανά) for the first time.

I have heard about its existence for some time, but as the Hubby does not like it, I have never eaten it till yesterday.

It was described to me as kind of small pasta made of flour and milk. The colour is like that of spaghetti before it is cooked. Normally, the Greeks make soup boiling it with water and sometimes use it as stuffing of gemista (stuffed vegetables baked in oven).

The trachana I ate was soup version. It looked similar to oat meal porridge, only the colour being yellower. I don't know what kind of grain they use. It might be mixture of more than one. It tasted also of butter, which should come from the milk used to make the pasta. It smelled of oat meal porridge and corn soup at the same time. I loved it. With a bit of lemon juice, it was even better.

I think the soup can be added with a bit of veggie and chicken to make it more substantial. And may be a dash of olive oil.

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