28 December, 2008

Greek Diary (day 2 and day 3)

Did not have time to write until now, so I start from yesterday.

Yesterday (Sat., 27 Dec. 2008), we went to the new flat to open the door to the Mr. Nikos the painter.

Then we headed for another Mr. Nikos who is a hairdresser. On our way we found a furniture shop and decided to ask prices of beds for our new flat. He tried to sell us 190euro all inclusive one on offer at this moment (that is what he said). What we wanted was a better one, and after 20 min of conversation that was not leading to anywhere (this is typical line of inquiry Hubby does), we finally found out what we wanted is between 360 and 480 euros depending on how good mattress we wanted. OK.

Mr. Nikos the hairdresser is a very nice guy and Hubby and I both go to him for the hair-cut. There was already one female client with her boyfriend who was smoking all the time. In Greece, it is not yet prohibited to smoke in public places and it really annoys me. Hubby paid 13euros for his hair-cut (I think it included festive tip).

In the afternoon, we were planning to go to Ikea to see more beds, but the brother-in-law who should have come to take us by car did not turn up, so we went to a shop elsewhere. We took notes of the prices of washing machine and cooking stoves.

In the evening, we went to a friend family's house for festive greetings and we came back with presents.

Then we dined at 11 o'clock.


Also this morning we went to the flat to open the door for our painter. He said he will finish tomorrow.

And, then, nothing new now. We made a couple of calls and now we are waiting for the lunch. No plan afterward. Hubby said he wanted to go to see his god-father, but I am skeptical if he goes.



In fact, we did not go to see the God-father. I can read Hubby's movement, but there is not much to be proud of, as he is the most predictable person.

Instead we went to a coffee shop nearby to meet-up with a friend. These days, a coffee costs 5 euros (including 10% doro, which is the special service charge during the festive season). Now that 1 euro is almost 1 pound, it is really a matter of luxury.

OK. I finish here, as this is not my pc and have to give it up now.

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