25 May, 2014

Miscellaneous notes

I have not been posting, because I have not eaten anything worth writing about these days.

Last Sunday, we lunched at Pita Pan near Divani Caravel Hotel, because we needed to ear in a hurry. This is a "portion (merida)" of chicken skewers. It might look fine, but tasted industrially processed-food. Edible, but there is nothing really to say.

The location, however, is rather pleasant. It has tables on a pedestrian walk by a small park.

The reason why we found ourselves there was to visit the Byzantine and Christian Museum.

Last Sunday was International Museum Day and all the museums offered free-entry. I had visited this museum twice, but it was many years ago and I can gladly tell you that there has been much development. When I first visited it 15 years ago, the exhibits were housed only in one small building. At the second time, the new wing was open, but only the ground floor. Now the whole underground level is open to hold hundreds of artifacts to illustrate (mainly religious) life of Early Christian, Byzantine, Mediaeval, and Modern Greek world. It is a splendid museum.

And Friday, we went to 25araki in Glyfada, this time with a discount coupon. The food was delicious and very cheap, but as I have written about this place twice and last time was just this December 2013, I am not writing again.

Ah, I just want to note that we saw a new Indian restaurant in Zisimopoulou Street (Glyfada).
I think (I might be wrong) that this is the first Indian restaurant in Glyfada since Jaipur Palace Glyfada was closed down.

Let's see what I am going to find Sunday today.

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