01 June, 2014

Aegina Island Excursion

We went to Aegina island last Sunday. Here are some photos from there.

This time we traveled this ferry boat called Achaios, which Hellenic Seaways started to using for this line this year. Normal ticket cost 9.50 Euro per person, but there are discounts if you buy return of if you choose less busy hours. It takes 1 hour and 10 min. from Piraeus to Aegina town.

Small chapel in Aegina port, which is dedicated to Saint Nikolaos (who else?)

Fishing boats in the port.

Aegina town has many attractive narrow streets, typical of Greek islands. Bougainvilliers were beautiful.

Another of the narrow streets of Aegina town.


Souvlaki place called The Black Cat with a humorous sign board.

Another souvlaki place. It does not show in the photo, but I can tell you this is called Tenekedakia, which I suppose is a branch of the Tenekediakia in Halandri. When I came here last time (maybe 4 years ago), it was an Oriental souvlaki place called Ex Anatolis. I remember because I ate there once.

A kitten having a nap (but then I poked it and woke up).

One of the cafeterias of Aegina town.

This time we hired bicycles (5 Euro per day for a rather shabby one) and went as far as Perdika.

We have tried in the past the beaches in Aegina town and Agia Marina, but they were disappointing. These beaches toward Perdika looked more promising. We might come back to try one, when it is hotter.

For more photos of Aegina that I took in the past, please see Gate to Greece site.

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