25 May, 2014

Views from Keratsini

Today we went to Keratsini for a coffee.

Foursquare turned out to be very useful again. :)


Anonymous said...

I really like these type of random photos-the ugly/beautiful side,..I saw a picture with a narrow street-Antoniou Theochari 102 or 120? from Piraeus and it was like new/old kinda feeling...old stores abandoned...people living upstairs..life keeps on going...
I know your blog is mainly about food experiences but I hope that once in a while you'll post even random photos with everyday streets/people/markets from Piraeus-you are a witness of its history!
My 2 cents :)
Have a nice sunday!

Linda said...

Wonderful views.

mesogeia said...


Thanks! :)

@ Lali,
OK. I will do so.
I do take photos of scenery from time to time and post on Facebook, but not here.