17 May, 2014

Some Developments in Central Athens

Miscellaneous photos from central Athens.

The ex-Gasoline of Piraeus Street, Gazi, has reopened as Gazoo Cafe, with only small changes.

And this is a shop at the start of Persefonis Street in Gazi, almost next to the Gazoo Cafe. It used to be occupied by cafeteria-cake shop, but has been closed for a while. But again, there is a sign of life now.

Peinirli from Stamatis on Akademias street, not far from Omonia Square. It specialises in Peinirli, which is made from the dough in the premises. I tried twice and can say that I love it as a snack. Price is between 2 and 3 Euros approximately, depending on the topping.

Stamatis - Σταμάτης
Akademias 77, Exarchia, Athens
Tel. 210 3300055

Next to the well known Furin Kazan Japanese restaurant in Apollonos Street, Syntagma, East Pearl Chinese Restaurant has opened. It is a shop used to be occupied by Golden Chopsticks.

On the other hand, there are some indications that East Pearl in Piraeus is closed. I have to go and check it.

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