06 May, 2014

Thalassaki @ Piraeus

On 4th May, we went to run 5 KM at Athens Half-Marathon event. There was an organizational disaster, but I made a good record.

When we returned home, however, I did not feel like cooking (and the weather was too fine to remain at home), so we went down to Peiraiki for lunch.

It was almost 4 o'clock, but most of the places were still full, or at least very busy. As To Akri and Vrahia tis Piraikis did not seem to have table, we decided to try a new place called Thalassaki about which I have read several good reviews.

It was also very busy, but being very large, there were some tables.

Luckly, we managed to get a table with view.

The menu is average- long, and has both fish and meat to cover the ground.

The bread was brought to us immediately. To our disappointment, it was totally cold, as if it had been grilled some time ago.

And to start, we ordered these things called Sfouggata Kuthnou. They were described as tyrokroketes (cheese croquettes), but tasted quite different from usual tyrokroketes. They were made with white cheese, but gooey as as well. Very good and interesting. 4 Euro.

Horta (boiled green leaves) tasted fresh, but the dish was kind of watery. 3.50 Euro.

The fries were, as you see, a bit burnt and naturally they had a distinct bitter taste. 2.50 Euro.

The fried calamari did not say much; oily and little flavor. The price tag of 6.50 Euro might seems cheap to you, but I inform you that currently the normal price for fried calamari in Piraiki is 5 Euro.

Mussels Saganaki (7 Euro) came plenty, but it is just a heap of cheap frozen mussels. The sauce was fine, but the shellfish was tough and not pleasant.

The free dessert was a Ravani-like cake with yogurt and strawberry. Better than usual semolina halvas at fish tavernas.

The total bill came to 26.40 Euro including a bottle beer. By no means it is expensive in absolute terms, but the food being so disappointing, we did not feel happy to pay even that much.

In environment wise Thalassaki is better than other fish taverns in Piraiki, but it stops there. As I am more interested in food than in environment, I prefer to go to other places.

Thalassaki - Θαλασσακι
Akti Themistokleous 310, Piraeus
Ακτή Θεμιστοκλέους 310, Πειραιάς
Tel. 210 4181616

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