02 February, 2014

Omikron @ Kifissia

Wow. Is it already February!? I would not believe it.

I am doing fine, but probably am being to taken by Game of Thrones. I am currently reading the 5th book and when I finish it, probably I start blogging more often. :)

But today I am writing about Omikron in Kifisia, a well-know restaurant of Kastelorizo Group. I knew that I could have half-price offer with Diners Club card, but this time I bought a coupon from web (if I remember well, it was Groupon).

The unique selling point of Omikron is its location. It does not have view, but it is housed in a magnificent independent building. I heard that its garden is also gorgeous, but as it was in January, we were seated indoors. The photo is too dark. I know. But just understand that the whole villa is one restaurant.

The gate.

We were led to the far end of the space, maybe because we were with discount voucher. But it was not really necessary, as the place remained empty but for another couple from 8 to 10 (it was a Sunday evening).

The menu is not too long, not too short and the price is high, as you imagine. Around 10 Euro for starter or salad and 15 to 20 for main. They did not give us drink menu (very strange for an upmarket restaurant), so I do not know how much wine costs.

Here is amuse-bouche. Left is a savory and dry cake and right is some kind of thick soup. I do not remember exactly what they were but I do remember that I wasn't impressed by any of these.

There was a koulouri in bread basket! No doubt a reference to O of Omikron. There was also normal bread underneath.

As they did not give us the drink menu, we just told the waiter to bring us two glasses of red wine. So we do not know what we drank. The quantity was pretty generous, but it did not look sophisticated. We found out that it was 5 Euro per glass. Normal price, I think.

Salad, if I remember well, was spinach, asparagus (frozen, probably), graviera cheese and fried and cold cured meat. Just OK.

Deep-fried cigars filled with goat cheese, served with lemon chutney. The cigars are rather boring, but the chutney was a real boost. Glad we tried this dish.

This is roasted pork knuckle served with potatoes.

Tasted good, but there was very little meat. Most of the knuckle was bone and contained a big layer of fat, too. Below is the photo of the bone.

And I had what supposed to be fettuccine with king prawns according to the menu, but it turned out to be linguine. Linguine is a good pasta to go with seafood, but is totally different from Fettuccine (broad & flat egg noodles). It is quite worrying when a upmarket restaurant makes such an error.

The dish definitely lacked salt and they do not keep condiments on table. Annoyingly, waiters were not around either.

Nonetheless I have to say that the prawns were absolutely the best I have ever eaten in Greece, and they were correctly cleaned. These really impressed me.

We left the place without dessert, because our stomachs were sated. I do not remember well, but I think we paid about 15 Euro additionally for wine and water.

If you are type of eaters who value highly the decor of restaurants, you might appreciate Omikron. But for me who do not care anything but food, it is just too far (I live in Piraeus and Kifisia is far away) and unreasonably expensive, well except for these prawns.

Omikron - Όμικρον
1 Drosou & 29 Aeglis Street, Nea Erythrea
Tel. 210 6202 475

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