18 February, 2014

Some Random Updates about Piraeus

Some totally casual and random updates from Piraeus.

Walking along Peiraiki (Akti Themistokleous), I found a new "wine pub" called Corks and Forks, close to the now- closed Karsi.

Wine bar is a good idea, because there is none in Piraeus even though it is now in fashion in central Athens. Good luck!

And I noticed that the old Costa Costa building in Marina Zeas has Birra Birra's signage board. From Costa Costa to Birra Birra.

Not sure if it is only the 1st floor or also the ground floor. Again a beer garden seems to be a good idea at least fro the summer.

I do not have photo, but also Goody's close to Public and Marks and Spencer's has reopened. I don't think I go, but I am happy because it was depressing to see such a large shop left in ruin.

This below is a photo of Plateia Pigada.

Plateia Pigada is to undergo a face-lift, and, as soon as they started, ancient ruins were uncovered. Currently archaeologists are working there.

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