29 January, 2014

Kokkini Svoura @ Halandri

Went to a cafeteria called Kokkini Svoura in Halandri. Evidently it is a very popular cafeteria in Athens and Foursquare keeps on suggesting it to me. :)

It faces on a rather quiet street and does not have a large glass wall. It looks like a house converted into a cafeteria. You might miss it, if you are not looking for it.

The indoor space is cozy and relatively small. We could not find a table except for one which was for 8 pax which we should have had to share with others, so we seated outside. The outdoor space is also limited. I think there are only 10 tables or so. We got a table next to a stove and did not feel cold.

It offers coffee, tea, smoothies, juice, drinks with alcohol as well as snacks (sandwiches and tapas). GH was undecided between handmade lemonade or sour cherry drink and coffee, but in the end he chose a single cappuccino. I got a filtered coffee. The menu says that they use a single estate, organic coffee beans from Peru.

We ordered also ciabatta club sandwich (6.80 Euro). We shared a plate between 2 of us, but it is supposed to be one portion.

It was neither ciabatta nor club sandwich by definition, but was filling and tasty. There were chicken, bacon, tomato, lettuce and mustard sauce. According to the menu, the bread was handmade and it looked to be so. The potatoes were a bit undercooked inside and burnt outside (probably the temperature of the oil was too high.

The toilet was well-cared and, in addition to usual hand paper towels and soap, there were also hand cream and wet napkin for babies.

It is not often that I find so much care and attention to details in cafeterias in Athens. No doubt, it is the secret of success of this small and cozy cafeteria.

Kokkini Svoura - Κόκκινη Σβούρα
17 Ag. Georgiou St., 152 34 Halandri, Greece
Tel. (+30) 211 012 5454

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