08 February, 2014

Rakor @ Keramikos

First I saw this small mezedopoleio when we visited Athiri (when it was offering 10 Euro Menu of Tuesdays) and then I read good reviews of it. So let's try it.

It is very unpretentious from outlook. It looks like a hangout spot for students.

The same tune also inside. And indeed most of the people are around 30 or under, except for a group of middle-aged couples who probably had come here after having read restaurant review websites... like us.

The menu is short but, there are 6 or 7 dishes of the day in addition, so you can find something you fancy, if you are not too fussy.

Lettuce salad with graviera and petimezi (which is sweet grape extract and works somehow like balsamic vinegar) came in a good portion. As it consisted in a so few ingredients, I got bored after a while.

Fava with caper and sundried tomatoes. Texture of fava was good. Problem was the topping which was far too salty.

Pork belly strips with "Arabic" pita. This was the best dish that I ate that night. The meat was very well seasoned with spices, although a bit burnt. The mayonnaise like sauce had coriander (spice, not herb).

Potato with apaki came a bit late. This dish was far too oily and we managed to eat only half.

GH had a bottle of Septem beer (if you have not tried beers from this brewery in Evvia, I would recommend you do soon) and the bill came to 24 Euro. The beer having cost 4.50 Euro, the food was under 20!


And the dishes are creative and rich in portion, even though not perfectly executed.

What I am thinking, however, is that, if you are over a certain age and has some money to spend on eating-outs, maybe you don't appreciate so much cheap but not-that-impressive food.

If I were 25 years younger, probably I could have appreciated Rakor more.

Plataion 10 and Granikou, Kerameikos, Athens
Πλαταιών 10 & Γρανικού, Κεραμεικός

Tel. (+30) 211 710 8877

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